Two Awesome Bee Dudes

“I have been an advocate for wildlife conservation all of my life, so becoming a beekeeper just came naturally to me. As a business owner, I have always been intrigued by great workers.  I find it extremely satisfying to observe the enthusiasm that bees dedicate to their life's work and the wellbeing of the hive.  It is extremely interesting and enjoyable to watch and learn as much as possible about all their intricacies.  Witnessing the benefits that they bring to human life, it is a wonder I didn’t start beekeeping years earlier. I found beekeeping to be very addictive and over the years, I have become more and more concerned about their well-being, safety and security.

The most rewarding part of my life as a beekeeper is the not only the enjoyment I get from working with bees, but also include educating and mentoring new beekeepers.  I still relish and savor the liquid gold that our bees provide me and my family.  The occasional bee sting is enough to let me know that we must limit the amount of honey that we harvest from hives.

My suggestion to anyone who is looking to peruse a hobby of beekeeping is to  take a class, join a club and allocate your time to learn and read as much as possible.  Bees are fascinating creatures.  The joy and satisfaction of watching your apiary grow and flourish is something to behold.
If you are interested I would love to talk to you and share my experiences. Let's help to do our part to preserve natures resources, one beehive at a time.”

Tony Arpaia -

Tony Arpaia

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