Two Awesome Bee Dudes


Our standard package includes all required hive equipment delivered and installed at your home. We supply, install and service the honeybee colony and make certain to provide them with any support they may require to thrive until our next visit.  This may include supplemental feed, re-queening, swarm prevention and medications.

Great Reasons to Sponsor-A Hive

  • Bee populations need our help.  Wild bee populations and other pollinators have decreased in numbers for several years.   Responsible beekeepers can help bolster populations and aid in supporting healthier bee colonies on a local level.
  • Healthy bee colonies may be used to further educational programs in schools, businesses, restaurants and other institutions.  People are now gaining an even greater curiosity about honeybees and other native pollinators.  One great way to increase awareness about the many benefits of honeybees and to decrease the collapse of their populations is through outreach and education.
  • Honeybees are a vital component of any local sustainable farming operation or community garden.  Bee pollination increases fruit and vegetable size, speeds up maturity and even produces more symmetrical fruit and vegetable shape. Our Sponsor-A-Hive program provides much needed pollination, thereby encouraging self-sufficiency and food security via local food.
  • Our Sponsor-A-Hive program is a powerful means of giving everyday citizens a chance to support honeybee populations and do something meaningful that helps the community and our environment.

Three Levels of Hive Sponsorship Available

  • Drone ($60) - Certificate of hive sponsorship, right to name your hive's queen, periodic hive updates, 1 lb of honey.

  • Worker ($110) - Certificate of hive sponsorship, right to name your hive's queen, periodic hive updates, 2 lbs of honey.

  • Queen ($160)  - Certificate of hive sponsorship, right to name your hive's queen, periodic hive updates, 3 lbs of honey.


You and your family can make a great difference in the plight of the honeybee and crop pollination.  Our Sponsor-A-Hive program is a great gift and your donation will directly help to support and sustain healthy New Jersey honeybee colonies that are vital to pollination and ecology across the state.  Sponsoring a bee hive colony is perfect for anyone interested in the plight of the honeybee, but can not maintain a hive due to location, space or time.  You can sponsor an entire hive or share Frame Shares with friends and family.

TwoAwesomeBeeDudes makes it easy for you to enjoy the rewards!  By sponsoring one of our hives, you will receive a certificate, naming rights to your hive's queen and we will provide you with routine hive updates when we conduct our inspections.  Best of all - you will share in the bounty of your sponsored hive honey production!

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