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Overwintering Service

New Jersey winters can be cold, long, brutal and unforgiving.  It is amazing that insects can survive in these types of conditions, but what really goes on in a beehive during winter?  During the middle of winter, the queen is surrounded by thousands of her workers to keep warm.

The winter cluster starts in the brood chamber when ambient temperatures reach 54 to 57 degrees F. When cold weather intensifies, the cluster forms in the center of the two hive bodies. It covers the top bars of the frames in the lower chamber and extends over and beyond the bottom bars of the frames in the food chamber.  It is essential that your hive is afforded sufficient food stores to help ensure its survival.

We can assist you in preparing your hives for winter after the autumn nectar flow is complete.  We conduct hive inspections to evaluate colony strength, food stores, determine the need for varroa mite treatments and wrap hives with insulation to improve the likelihood of your colony overwintering successfully.

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