Two Awesome Bee Dudes

"My great grandfather had a large dairy operation in Carlisle, PA and along with dairy cows, he kept several colonies of honeybees.   I may be the only one in our family to reestablish this tradition.   I grew up in a suburbs of New Jersey, but always loved the farm culture and the environment.   I was always outside exploring and collecting various insects for collections.   When I attended college, I majored in public health at Rutgers University and later earned a Master of Public Health with concentration in Environmental Health from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.   Beekeeping has allowed me to integrate many of the important theories and concepts I earned in the classroom and explore them operationally in the field.

 Several years ago, a good friend invited me to assist him with his hives and I became intrigued by the art and science of keeping honeybees.  Honeybees are  fascinating creatures and attending to their needs always involves a bit problem solving, which I enjoy.

Our team at  Two Awesome Bee Dudes often look at hives in different ways, but it is this diversity in thinking that makes us so successful in what we do and how we manage our honeybees.  It is exactly this creativity that has so many benefits to our business, our clients and most importantly, the honeybees that we manage"

Dave Weidner

Dave Weidner

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