Two Awesome Bee Dudes

(Vineyards and Wineries)

Interestingly, bees are not needed to pollinate grapevines, however, they play an important role in the annual life cycle of a sustainable vineyard. Bees are the primary pollinators for cover crops grown between the vines, which naturally replenish important soil nutrients. As bees gather pollen and nectar, they pollinate these crops, making them lush, healthy and able to efficiently return nutrients to the soil. Bees also help other beneficial insects feel safe.  Beehives in your vineyard not only show a dedication to the environment, but also provide the most critical ingredient in making mead - thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known.

(Commercial Clients)

Our commercial hive program is an excellent means to market your company's commitment to the environment and improving your environmental footprint.  By hosting a beehive and providing a safe sanctuary at your corporate location, not only will your landscaping benefit, but your firm will demonstrate increased social responsibility, enjoy the benefits of great public relations, great press and honey too!

We strive to ensure that each of our hives has the opportunity to build a healthy, robust population before any honey is harvested from the hive.  As such, during the first season, your hive will be provided everything necessary to prepare to overwinter.  After successfully overwintering,  in year two, the honey from your hive(s) will be ready to harvest.  We can arrange to bring an extractor to your location and coordinate the honey harvest as an employee team building function or if you would rather have us harvest the honey for you, we will bottle, label and deliver your honey ensuring that it remains from a single source.

(Restaurants and Hotels)

More and more restaurants recognize the importance of "farm-to-table", fresh and sustainable quality products that are locally produced.  Extracted locally produced raw honey is a superior product that is a great selling point on any restaurant menu and can be included in drinks, dishes and desserts.

We love bees and beekeeping and want our clients to enjoy them as much as we do!  Beekeeping continues to grow in popularity and hopes to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the benefits of keeping honeybees without the investment in time, equipment and energy.  An annual fee covers equipment, food, medications and apiary registration and your hive(s) will be maintained at your location or one of our micro apiaries.  Maintaining Jersey honeybees helps boost pollination for your neighborhood trees, fruits, vegetables and grasses, but also directly provides the benefit of raw locally produced honey for you to share with friends, family, clients and customers.

Schools and Community Gardens

A beehive provides an excellent opportunity to educate children of all ages about the benefits of honeybees within the environment and is a great addition to the landscape of a community garden.

Benefits of Our Corporate Beehive Package

  • Fully managed beehives that encourage environmental sustainability
  • Insured service customized to your business location
  • Hives provided with docile and non-aggressive honeybees
  • Routine monitoring and inspections ensure healthy colonies
  • Option to customize and personalize hive exteriors
  • Honey bottled and returned with custom labeling

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