Two Awesome Bee Dudes

Two Awesome Bee Dudes are hobbyists, breeders and caretakers of honeybee colonies in New Jersey.  We currently maintain three micro apiaries in Millstone, Jackson and East Windsor, New Jersey.  Each of our apiary sites produce wildflower honey of uniquely different taste characteristics due to the vast array of nectar sources available to our bees.  We are working to improve the beekeeping experience for backyard hobbyists, businesses and institutions alike.  Honeybees play an integral role in our state's agriculture industry and we have established one of our apiary locations as a "Pollinator Friendly" farm to help promote the protection of pollinators and their ecosystems.

In the Winter of 2017-18, we will be conducting  beekeeping courses in our classroom facility located in Millstone, New Jersey. If you have an interest in keeping bees and building your own healthy apiary, give us a call.  Better yet,  attend one of our Beekeeping Bootcamp scheduled for Spring 2018 to learn the very basics of establishing your own apiary.  Our beekeeping bootcamp is an opportunity for you to visit a working apiary and experience honey production at its source.  We currently maintain three micro apiaries in Millstone, Jackson and East Windsor New Jersey.  Our classroom facilities are conveniently located just off Exit 8 of the New Jersey Turnpike.

We work with local farmers, businesses and homeowners to establish and maintain their own personalized apiary.  Best of all, you have the option to become as active in the beekeeping process as you wish!  You may elect to be completely “hands off” where we service a hive at your location or elect to support a hive in one of our apiaries via our Sponsor-A-Hive Program.  Whichever option you choose, when your honey becomes available, we extract it, bottle it and provide you with a customized label!

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