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RESERVE YOUR SPRING 2018 New Jersey NUC Bee Colony NOW!


Check back often  - If resources and the weather permits -additional NUCs MAY be offered later this Spring!

Click the link above to apply for our waiting list!

TwoAwesomeBeeDudes is endeavoring to produce the very best New Jersey honeybee nucleus colonies and New Jersey queens possible.  We are following established apiculture best practices and working closely with the New Jersey State Apiarist to help ensure that our colonies are free from disease.  This will result in us producing the very best honeybees possible, giving our customers the best opportunities for success,  We have taken the first steps to become certified by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to sell honeybees throughout the state.   Each of our hives has been inspected prior to overwintering and will be inspected again in the Spring before we offer honeybees for sale.  We are excited to provide the very best to New Jersey's Beekeepers!

Preserving Nature's Resources - One Beehive At A Time

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